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AS100 AC Servo Drive

AS100 series AC servo system consists of the all-digital AC servo drive and the permanent-magnet servo motor. AS100 AC servo drive adopts 32-bit high performance DSP, super-scale CPLD and intelligent IPM/SPM to achieve high integration and compact structure with complete protection and outstanding reliability. Furthermore, the employed optimal PID algorithm realizes the control of current loop, velocity loop and position loop and ensures its leading position on domestic market in aspect of comprehensive performance.

Technical Characteristics

Newest digital control technology including dedicated DSP and super-scale CPLD specialized for motor control

High integration, good reliability, compact structure, and easy installation

Optimal PID control algorithm, raising precision and dynamic performance of position and velocity control

Newest intelligent power module IPM/SPM with complete protection raises the system reliability.

Wide speed regulation range; lowest speed: 0.1 rpm; regulating range: 1:10000
Supreme overload ability with capacity of triple rated torque

Rapid dynamic response; low speed instability under sudden increased load

Full digital control with easy and flexible operation; 3 basic modes: position mode, velocity mode, torque mode

Built-in brake unit and brake resistor; optional extra brake resistor

Any kind of frequency subdivision of pulse output; stable and precise pulse output

Complete monitoring functions easy for debugging and fault diagnosis


The AC servo drive is desirable for use in CNC machine tools, textile machinery, packing machines, electronic equipment, printing machinery, laser machines, and the plastic machinery. It can substitute for AC drives, stepper motors, air cylinders, hydraulic equipment, and more.

Specifications of 220V Series Servo Drive

Drive Model
AS100A - □□□□□U
1R6 M2 2R8 M2 3R8 M2 5R5 M2 7R6 T2 012 T2 018 T2 025 T2 033 T2
Rated Output Current 1.6A 2.8A 3.8A 5.5A 7.6A 12A 18.5A 25A 33A
Max. Over Current 5.8A 9.3A 11A 16.9A 17A 28A 42A 56A 84A
Structural Dimension A B C D E
Main Circuit  Power Supply AC220V ± 15% single/triple phase, 50/60Hz AC220V ± 15% three phase, 50/60Hz
Control Circuit Power Supply AC220V ± 15% single phase, 50/60Hz
Regenerative Braking
External resistor Built-in braking resistor

Specifications of 380V Series Servo Drive

Drive Model
AS100A - □□□□□U
3R5T3 5R4T3 8R4T3 012T3 016T3
Rated Output Current 3.5A 5.4A 8.4A 12.0A 16.5A
Max. Overload Current 8.5A 14A 20A 28A 42A
Structural Dimension C D E
Power Supply of Main Circuit AC380V (from -15 to +10%) three phases, 50/60Hz
Power Supply of Control Circuit 380V (from -15 to +10%) single phase, 50/60Hz
Function of Regenerative Braking Built-in braking resistor

General Technical Specifications of Servo Drive

Ambient Temperature Temperature Working: from 0 to 45℃
Storage: from -20 to 80℃
Humidity Less than 90% (No condensation)
Vibration Less than 4.9m/s2 (0.5g), from 10 to 60Hz
Control Method IGBT SVPWM current vector control
Basic Control Mode Position control, speed control, torque control
Control Characteristics Frequency response: 400Hz (when the moment of inertia of the load is identical to the moment of inertia of the motor)
Speed fluctuation rate: ﹤±0.03 (Load: from 0 to 100%)
﹤ ±0.02 (Power supply: from -15 to +10%)
(The value is corresponding to the rated speed.)
Speed regulation ratio: 1:5000
Input pulse frequency: ≤500 KHz
Control Input 1. Servo-ON, S-ON
2. Alarm clear, ALM-RST
3. Positive forbiddance, P-OT
4. Negative forbiddance, N-OT
5. Deviation-counter reset, CLR
6. Command pulse forbiddance, PINH
7. The second electronic gear ratio, GR2
8. Internal speed selection 1, SC1
9. Internal speed selection 2, SC2
10. Zero-speed clamping in use of simulation speed mode, ZCLAMP
11. Direction change by adoption of internal speed mode
12. Direction change in use of simulation speed mode
13. Positive start in use of simulation speed mode
14. Negative start by adoption of simulation speed mode
Control Output 1. Servo ready output
2. Servo alarm output
3. Positioning complete output / speed arrival output
Position Control Input Mode 1. Pulse + symbols
2. CCW pulse /CW pulse
3. A/B two phases orthogonal pulse
Electronic Gear Ratio 1 ~ 32767/1 ~ 32767
Feedback Pulse 10000 pulse per revolution
Speed Control 4 kinds of internal speed
Acceleration-Deceleration Function The acceleration and deceleration time are set to range from 1 to 16000ms.
Monitoring Function Motor speed, current position, position command, positional deviation, motor torque, motor current, the current control mode, the position-command pulse frequency, speed command, torque command, the absolute position of rotor, input terminal status, output terminal status, UVW encoder input signal, the zero pulse of encoder, error-code display, and more
Protective Function Module failure, over-voltage, under-voltage, hardware over-current, software over-current, no current in A/B analog channel, speed error, position error, CPLD failure, encoder failure, the saturation fault of speed regulator, the saturation fault of current regulator, and more
Display Operation 5-digit LED tube, and 5 keys
Load Inertia Less than 5 times the motor inertia

Servo Motor and Drive Matching Guide of 220V Series

Power Supply Rated Rotational
Speed (rpm)
Motor Model Rated Output Rated Torque Drive Model Structural Model
Single Phase
220V Three Phases
3000 ASMS-R20B30U2□ 200W 0.64Nm AS100A-1R6M2U A
3000 ASMS-R40B30U2□ 400W 1.3Nm AS100A-2R8M2U
3000 ASMS-R75B30U2□ 750W 2.4Nm AS100A-3R8M2U B
3000 ASMG-R75B30U2□ 750W 2.4 Nm
2500 ASMS-1R0B25U2□ 1000W 4 Nm AS100A-5R5M2U
2500 ASMG-1R0B25U2□ 1000W 4 Nm
2500 ASMH-1R0B25U2□ 1000W 4 Nm
220V Three Phases 3000 ASMS-1R2B30U2□ 1200W 4 Nm
2000 ASMG-1R2B20U2□ 1200W 6 Nm
2500 ASMG-1R3B25U2□ 1300W 5 Nm
2500 ASMS-1R5B25U2□ 1500W 5 Nm AS100A-7R6T2U
2500 ASMG-1R5B25U2□ 1500W 6 Nm
1500 ASMH-1R5B15U2□ 1500W 10 Nm
2500 ASMG-2R0B25U2□ 2000W 7.7 Nm
2500 ASMG-2R6B25U2□ 2600W 10 Nm AS100A-012T2U C
1500 ASMG-2R7B15U2□ 2700W 17.2 Nm
1500 ASMH-3R0B15U2□ 3000W 19 Nm
2000 ASMH-3R0B20U2□ 3000W 15 Nm AS100A-018T2U D
1000 ASMH-3R7B10U2□ 3700 35Nm
2500 ASMG-3R8B25U2□ 3800W 15 Nm
1500 ASMG-4R3B15U2P 4300W 27Nm
2000 ASMG-4R5B20U2P 4500W 21.5Nm

1. Please refer to the related information on the servo motor, for detailed data about its installation size, performance parameters, and more.
2. The last "□" of the motor model represents the motor options. Please refer to the naming rule for the motor. The standard option is "P".

Options Without oil sealing
Without brake
Without oil sealing
With brake
With oil sealing
Without brake
With oil sealing
With brake
Circular shaft (with screw holes) A B C D
Keyway E F G H
Keyway (with screw holes) P Q R S

Servo Motor and Drive Matching Guide of 380V Series

Power Supply Rated Rotational Speed (rpm) Motor Model Rated Output Rated Torque Motor Codes Drive Model Structural Model
380V Three Phases 2000 ASMG-R83C20U1□ 0.83KW 4.0 Nm S20 AS100A-3R5T3U C
3000 ASMS-1R2C30U1□ 1.25KW 4.0 Nm S21 AS100A-5R4T3U
2000 ASMG-1R2C20U1□ 1.25KW 6.0 Nm S22
2000 ASMH-1R5C20U1□ 1.57KW 7.5 Nm S23
3000 ASMS-1R8C30U1□ 1.88KW 6.0 Nm S24
2000 ASMG-2R1C20U1□ 2.1KKW 10.0 Nm S25 AS100A-8R4T3U D
3000 ASMS-2R3C30U1□ 2.3KKW 7.5 Nm S26
2000 ASMG-3R1C20U1□ 3.1KW 15.0 Nm S27
1500 ASMG-2R7C15U2□ 2.7KW 17.2 Nm E23
1000 ASMG-2R9C10U2□ 2.9KW 27 Nm E24
2000 ASMH-3R1C20U1□ 3.1KW 15.0 Nm S28 AS100A-012T3U
3000 ASMS-4R7C30U1□ 4.7KW 15.0 Nm S29
1000 ASMG-3R7C10U2□ 3.7KW 35 Nm E25
1500 ASMG-4R3C15U2□ 4.3KW 27 Nm E26
2000 ASMG-4R5C20U2□ 4.5KW 21.5 Nm E27
1500 ASMG-5R5C15U2□ 5.5KW 35 Nm E28

1. Please refer to the related information on the servo motor, for detailed data about its installation size, performance parameters, and more.
2. The last "□" of the motor model represents the motor options. Please refer to the naming rule for the motor. The standard option is"P".

Structural Model H H1 H2 W W1 D d
A 195 185 170 50 35 170 5
B 195 185 170 70 55 170 5

Structural Model H H1 H2 W W1 D d
C 195 185 170 90 75 180 5
D 205 195 180 110 95 250 5

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